Photogallery of the koda-10Tr trolleybuses

by Anton Brynych

koda-10Tr is an unreleased articulated analogue of the classical trolleybus vehicle named koda-9Tr (the koda-Ostrov plant). Unfortunately, 10Tr hasn't ever been built but why can't we imagine an alive coach of such kind? However, I'd like to present you some photofictions of the koda-10Tr trolleybuses which have been composed using miscellaneous sources. Click pictures to enlarge :-)

NEW! 222 in Rivne, Ukraine

NEW! 98 in Rivne, Ukraine

NEW! 200 in Rivne, Ukraine

5999 in Kiev, Ukraine

4545 in Opava, Czech Republic

321 in Rivne, Ukraine

999 in Rivne, Ukraine

3095 in Ostrava, Czech Republic

358 in Pardubice, Czech Republic

353, Rivne-Pardubice

353+222 in Rivne, Ukraine

500 in Rivne, Ukraine


Photogallery of Trams and Trolleybuses by Aare Olander and Evgeniy Bahctinov
Trolejbusy v Ostrav by Duan Kucha
Trolejbusy v Opav by Duan Kucha
Strnky trolejbus 353 by Ji Reitmayer
Trolleybus in Rivne City by Anton Brynych, Andrey Smirnov and Andrey Seka

Used photos by Aare Olander, Duan Kucha, Ji Reitmayer, Robert Kindl, Roy Makewell, Martin erny, Stefan Spengler, Hans Oerlemans, Vitalij Horobec, Valerij Napitkin, Anton Brynych

Anton Brynych. All pictures are property of Anton Brynych, when you use them you must mention Anton Brynych

Last updated: 11/06/2003

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